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Mic Drop is a game that follows the life of a dumpster fire of a band on a train wreck of an album tour.

Mic Drop is played as a tabletop story game, around a table (or in the green room). Each player is a member of the band or the entourage, and all share in the telling of the story. Or the descent into chaos, such as it is.


  • The Leader: Part peacekeeper, part judge, part parent, as the Leader you keep the band on task and working as a cohesive unit. You’re the voice of reason, and often the voice of the band. Whether or not other people listen is their fucking problem.
  • The Writer: You write 90% of the songs. Occasionally, somebody will contribute bits and pieces, but almost all of the glory (and blame) is on your overloaded shoulders. But nobody else has the chops.
  • The Drummer: You embody pure physicality. “Bad Impulse Control” could be on your business card. Your emotions are way closer to the surface than most, but it makes for some damn tasty percussion. And fuck ‘em if they can’t deal.
  • and more…

Mic Drop is in heavy (metal?) production. For more info

  • Check out @micdropgame on itch.io
  • Ping Andy Berdan on twitter or email. He loves interacting with awesome people.
  • Check out GMParty. A game design talk show hosted by Andy. Mic Drop has featured on the show before, and likely will show up again.

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